CD project- InDesign due March 10th

Here are my notes for the Indesign tour today.indesign_notes

Here is a vid that includes most of what was covered today in class:

Here is a chapter on indesign that I would like you to read.
in design chapter


vid for templates:

Here is a great set of tutorials- covers everything

The first video from the pdf above-

Here are some specific instructions for uploading to dropbox for due date along with some help with printing:

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Homework #4

Read Chapter 2 and 4 of your textbook.

Make a fancy indesign document page that explains all the most interesting new points you learned. I will create a booklet out of all these pages in indesign to share with you.

10 points in homework grade due by dropbox on 12th.

Final Assignment and Website due on April 28th