Website design info and homework#8

See bottom of post for homework

First buy a domain – maybe from the place i used

Next buy server space- i use these guys:

Then decide if you want to use WordPress like me:

Here are some guides for learning WordPress:

Some good themes (usually about 35$)

Some links to Free themes

Also a few more pricey options for other types of website Content Management Systems:

Also start researching good Graphic Design Websites- post 5 great portfolio links below for 10 points in homework grade




Logo Competition!

The deadline for artwork is APRIL 4, 2014.


The winning student will receive a prize of $1,000 and the designers’ University’s /College’s Design Department will receive a prize of $500. The winning logo design will be determined by the FASP Executive Committee. Your design will be used on the FASP website, displayed at future events and in future publications.

Final Assignments

2 parts:

Part 1

You will make a portfolio website for you graphic design and art works- Using WordPress- which I will show you how to use- it is a great CMS (Content management system) or another method of your choosing. Try to make your website as suiting to your design aesthetic as possible.

Part 2

Make your own brief. You must think it worthy of a final project. It must include multiples. Make your own assignment sheet and email to me by MARCH 24th include a table of separate due dates for each stage.

This and your portfolio website  will be due on April 28th Last class