Project 3 LOGO final due Oct 18th

Project 3 LOGO final due Oct 18th

Project 3 is available for download in Projects tab above, please note staggered deadlines. This is an Adobe Illustrator Project.

These examples below show the logo presentation boards with logo displayed to its best advantage, in product use and different sizes and colors.



Homework #9 Illustrator due Sept 27th

Homework #9  Illustrator  due Sept 27th

Back to working in Illustrator again, in prep for the beginning of the Logo Project that we begin on Tuesday.

  1. Read Chapter 3 OF YOUR TEXTBOOK
  2. Read this article- Logo
  3. Complete Textbook p55 project in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR- figure/ground  and letterforms- project using your initials to make an interesting design. Please use the Pathfinder* tips below (just 1 is needed- upload to Dropbox)
  4. Complete Textbook p70-71 Elephonts assignment in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR (do 2 animals) Examples on the gallery page!

Due Sept 27th worth 40 points


Make good use of the pathfinder window after converting your initials to paths, (also ungroup them).

If you have forgotten how to use pathfinder (it was in the Illustrator chapter you read -p73) or how to combine shapes look at this here


Reminders for Online Thursday

This Thursday 13th is an Online Thursday! This is your to do list. Getting it done and uploaded to Dropbox on the 13th is also your attendance for this online session.

  • Project 1 is due
  • HW 7 is due (allow 3-5 hrs for this)
  • HW 8 is due (45 mins)
  • Read over the guidelines for Project 2- and look for the post with the story.(Posted on Thursday sometime.) This project is due on Sept 20th, it has a very fast turn around time due to our clients needs. The faster you can get started the better.