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Project 1

From the Syllabus:

This course is focused on experiential learning through different exercises and projects. You will be taught both in the computer studio and online (blended learning format) using formal and informal critique sessions. Demonstrations related to the software will be presented using video tutorials. We rely heavily on the class website for this course. Design Exercises will be given throughout the semester, instruction information will be posted to class blog website regularly, so please SUBSCRIBE.

Dana Hargrove Professor

Grade Breakdown

Successful completion of all homework readings, textbooks exercises and software tutorials      35% 

Major Projects with process book showing research     50% 

Participation in critiques and discussions    15%

Course Goals

  1. Explore and understand visual communication, its history, and processes. (Remember and Understand)
  2. Develop technical skills using design software and computer based processes. (Remember and Understand)
  3. Learn, employ and demonstrate an understanding of the Design Elements and Principles (Remember and Understand) (Apply)
  4. Creatively problem solve through the process of research, idea generation, and the development of designs. (Create)
  5. Effectively integrate image elements and textual message to direct the viewer's response to the design (Apply, Create)
  6. Employ Information Literacy to analyze and synthesize Design History identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively and responsibly use and share that information for the problem at hand    (Analyze) (Create) (Apply)
  7. Produce several portfolio quality graphic designs. (Create)
  8. Facilitate evaluative discussion and critique within your own work and within the work of your peers (Evaluate) (Analyse)
  9. Develop oral communication skills through prepared purposeful presentations. (Apply) (Create)