1. Read Chapter 6 of your textbook and look over the 2 ppts about Typography: Part 1    Part 2    (I showed Part 2 in class-I hope to have enough time on Tuesday to go through Part 1.)
  2. Complete this short (open book) quiz and upload to Dropbox  QuizonTypographych6
  3. Tuesday critique- We are having a Peer critique on your Zine so far on Tuesday- please be ready to show your files and ideas to the class for feedback- if possible- either print or put a pdf of your draft on dropbox so we can all see it.
  4. Create  one poem from the project on page 108 of Chapter 6 – Typographical illustration of a poem. You can use any of the 3 Adobe software programs- just be creative! Due Thursday 9th 30 points.

These quick illustrator tutorials might help too.

Type on path

How to convert fonts to outlines you can manipulate

Homework #14 read Ch 6, quiz & illustrative text project Due Nov 9th

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