1. First, watch this 7 min video on Poster Design (make sure you are logged in to Linkedin Learning via Rollins Octa first)
  2. Read Chapters 10 +11 of your textbook
  3. Design a poster for a client on campus. Ask around to find a client on campus, and design a poster or flier for them. You could ask your Major’s Dept Chair, Professors, or your Sorority, Fraternity or club, or anybody else that might need an event or advertising poster/flier. Use Indesign to create your poster, bringing images in from either Photoshop or Illustrator.
  4. Upload a zip file of your Packaged Indesign files– as you have done in the past

Worth 40 points in Homework grade

Homework # 21 Poster due Nov 18th

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