First, watch this 7 min video on Poster Design

Design a 8.5 x 11 poster for a client on campus. You have two options:

1. Poster for the Sustainability Program- all info below ***plus $25 gift card to the winner. Apart from the below text they need put on the poster, the image and design is fully up to you.

2. OR find your own client on campus, and design it for their event. Ask around.You could ask your Major’s Dept Chair, or your Sorority or club, or anybody else that might need an event poster.

Worth 40 points in Homework grade


Below is the info we would like on the poster. These posters will be put up all around campus, but their main locations and purpose is at the cafes to promote sustainable practices.

We will give a $25 gift card for Ethos restaurant to the best poster, but we may end up using more than one design if that’s okay with your students.

Do you need a lid? Straw?
Can you bring your own coffee cup? Reusable bottle?
Help deny single-use plastics.
YOU can make a difference!
Be your OWN Eco-Warrior!”
Sponsored by the Rollins Sustainability Program,
Poster courtesy of Your Name
Homework # 21 Poster due Nov 11th

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