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The expected completion date for the new Fred Stone Theater has been changed to the fall of 2021 after budgeting restrictions derailed the project’s progress. The theater was originally slated for completion in early 2020.
Issues with the construction of the theater arose before the project got off the ground. The team the college had intended to work with came back with a quote that was outside of its budget. Because of this, the college has decided to postpone construction in order to seek out a new architect for the building.
“We’re seeking competitive design-build proposals from three different teams, which will hopefully give us some competition to help us achieve our objectives on this project,” said Scott Bitikofer, assistant vice president of Facilities Services.
Although this change is in the college’s best interest, it has caused some upset within the Rollins theater department. Since the Fred Stone Theatre was condemned due to safety issues, the department has been using a space converted from offices in Rollins’ building at 203 E. Lyman Ave.
“The Lyman black box is not a black box theater, it’s a found space theater. It takes away credibility from our theater department because [not having a black box] makes it look like anything that isn’t mainstage is being heavily pushed to the side, ” said Analise Cutter (‘22).
Not only has the project been delayed, but due to budgeting concerns, the plans for the building will have to be reevaluated. In an interview with The Sandspur in February 2019, Bitikofer stated that the new building would be 5 times the size of the Fred Stone Theatre and house technical and dance classrooms, offices, and dressing rooms in addition to the black box theatre itself.
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