Final Homework! This homework counts for your attendance on Nov 20th

  1. Read Chapter 2 of your textbook. Take notes and upload to Onedrive. 10 points
  2. I’ve bought  packs of Avery Business card stock so each of you can design and print your own business cards. Instructions below 30 points



  • Download either the Illustrator or Indesign template here:
  • Create your own logo design in Illustrator, so you can practice those tools again, rewatch the Composite paths & Shape Builder tool video.
  • You can work in Indesign template and bring the Illustrator file in as a linked file (more text options there). You can also use Photoshop as an additional tool, (but not instead of).
  • Think about what the back of the business card will look like.
  • Look at last years examples, also some other vids etc for inspiration,  below.
  • I will print them for you on the printer in the main office – it prints a little nicer on this cardstock for some reason.
  • Remember to include fonts or linked files
  • Due Nov 21st or earlier.

Tip– you might want to use or revisit your initial letterform logo from a previous HW

Blog for inspiration

Some videos below for inspiration:


Homework #22 Online Wed Bus Card Due Nov 21st

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