I’ve bought three packs of Avery Business card stock so each of you can design and print your own business card and get a stash of 50! (Feel free to buy more or test a different brand!)

  • Download either the Illustrator or Indesign template here: https://www.avery.com/templates/5871
  • Create your own logo design in Illustrator, so you can practice those tools again, rewatch the Composite paths & Shape Builder tool video.
  • You can work in Indesign template and bring the Illustrator file in as a linked file (more text options there). You can also use Photoshop as an additional tool, (but not instead of).
  • Output the Avery template filled with your business card to the manual bypass feed tray- select this when you go to print too- and load your card in the HP printer. Also, think about printing the other side with a related design and feeding it back through. Due Nov 29th Online Thursday (give me a physical business card on Dec 4th or earlier)

Tip– you might want to use or revisit your initial letterform logo from HW 9

Blog for inspiration

Some videos below for inspiration:



Homework #23- Business Cards Due Nov 29th

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