Final Homework!

  1. Read Chapter 2 of your textbook. Take notes and upload to Onedrive. 10 points
  2. Create a Business Card for yourself. Instructions below. 20 points
  • Download either the Illustrator or Indesign template here:
  • Create your own logo design in Illustrator, so you can practice those tools again, rewatch the Composite paths & Shape Builder tool video.
  • You can work in the Indesign template and place the Illustrator file in as a linked file (more text options there). You can also use Photoshop as an additional tool, (but not instead of).
  • Think about what the back of the business card will look like.
  • Look at last year’s examples, also some other vids etc for inspiration,  below.
  • Remember to include fonts or linked files when you package your file for upload.
  • Optional, buy the Avery cards and print them !

Tip– you might want to use or revisit your initial letterform logo from a previous HW

Blog for inspiration

Some videos below for inspiration:


Homework #22 Bus Card Due Dec 2nd

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