1. Watch my 2 Indesign video tutorials below. I’m starting to get you ready for the Zine Project now. Take notes of helpful things in a new indesign  file (an opportunity to play with text boxes) and copy some of the things I show you- basically play a little to learn them- then upload IND file to Onedrive for 10 points
  2. Watch this great 3 min vid on Negative Space.
  3. Complete this fairly quick and easy Indesign tutorial chapter (download the start files on the link below) from this free online textbook we have used before. Check out the other chapters too, if you have time!


Upload to Onedrive for 20 points


Indesign Zine Project from dana hargrove on Vimeo.


Indesign Tutorial from dana hargrove on Vimeo.

Homework #16 Indesign Videos Due Oct 21st

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