I’m starting to work towards getting you ready for the next Project now, which is the ZINE. You will work on this below on Online Thursday. This isn’t due until the 18th due to Fall Break (but remember your logo is due that day, and more homework is coming too, so I would upload before then!)

  1. Read Chapter 6 of your textbook.

  2. Complete this short (open book) quiz  (10 possible points) and upload to Dropbox  QuizonTypographych6

  3. Watch this 2 min video on Zines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbhFkceNpJY&noredirect=1 Think about what your subject matter for your own zine might be.

  4. Create one of the projects from page 108 of Chapter 6 – Typographical illustration of a poem (try text on a path, different sizes and colors of fonts), or the Book Cover (just do the cover of book, not spine or back). Use either Photoshop or Illustrator, or both, but be creative!  30 points.

    Examples of Typography Poems:





These quick illustrator reminders might help too.

Type on path

How to convert fonts to outlines you can manipulate


Homework #14 Ch 6 typography due Oct 18th

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