Back to working in Illustrator again, in prep for the beginning of the Logo Project that we begin on Tuesday.

  1. Read Chapter 3 OF YOUR TEXTBOOK
  2. Read this article- Logo
  3. Complete Textbook p55 project in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR- figure/ground  and letterforms- project using your initials to make an interesting design. Please use the Pathfinder* tips below (just 1 is needed- upload to Dropbox)
  4. Complete Textbook p70-71 Elephonts assignment in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR (do 2 animals) Examples on the gallery page!

Due Sept 27th worth 40 points


Make good use of the pathfinder window after converting your initials to paths, (also ungroup them).

If you have forgotten how to use pathfinder (it was in the Illustrator chapter you read -p73) or how to combine shapes look at this here


Homework #9 Illustrator due Sept 27th

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