Reminders for Online Thursday

This Thursday 13th is an Online Thursday! This is your to do list. Getting it done and uploaded to Dropbox on the 13th is also your attendance for this online session.

  • Project 1 is due
  • HW 7 is due (allow 3-5 hrs for this)
  • HW 8 is due (45 mins)
  • Read over the guidelines for Project 2- and look for the post with the story.(Posted on Thursday sometime.) This project is due on Sept 20th, it has a very fast turn around time due to our clients needs. The faster you can get started the better.

Reminders Online Thursday

As you know from the schedule, tomorrow is our first official Online Thursday class! 🙂

Reminders for tomorrow’s class:

  • You do not need to come to class in person
  • Come to class if you want to work in lab or like extra help
  • HW4 is due
  • Work on HW5 – this counts as your ‘attendance in class’
  • Upload more progress on Project 1 for feedback by 5pm as stated in schedule
  • More tutorials will be posted on Thursday to start you learning Photoshop for the next project.