Reminder Critique on Tuesday


  1. There is a critique this Tuesday on your Logo.
  2. Print your best logo.
  3. Print it so the logo fills a 8.5″ x 11″ page.
  4. Print in either color or black and white or both- up to you.
  5. DO NOT print to Epsons, make sure you use the HP Color laser jet.. or print elsewhere on campus.
  6. We will spend the class analyzing your logos and giving solid practical feedback for improvement.
  7. Be ready to talk about your logo in terms of the Gestalt Theory.

During class you will sign up to meet with me individually on Online Thursday to show me the progress made after you have made the changes using the feedback from this critique session.

Project 3 LOGO final due Oct 18th

Project 3 LOGO final due Oct 18th

Project 3 is available for download in Projects tab above, please note staggered deadlines. This is an Adobe Illustrator Project.

These examples below show the logo presentation boards with logo displayed to its best advantage, in product use and different sizes and colors.