Homework #17 Part 1 Subtle composite in Photoshop Due Dec 8th

Homework #17 Part 1 Subtle composite in Photoshop Due Dec 8th
  • Read Chapter 2 & 9 of your textbook.
  • Watch Part 1 video below to learn more about subtle image collages.(Find your own photographs to do it, I am sure you have something similar or could take some pics) Upload your un-flattened version to Dropbox for 15 points
  • Coming soon– Part 2 will be a more dramatic fantasy collage with lots of techniques and tricks- just for (Christmas) fun. It will also be your last homework too- woohoo!
  • Both are due Dec 8th

Composite Image with Layers and Masks from dana hargrove on Vimeo.


Homework #14 read Ch 6, quiz & illustrative text project Due Nov 9th

Homework #14 read Ch 6, quiz & illustrative text project Due Nov 9th
  1. Read Chapter 6 of your textbook and look over the 2 ppts about Typography: Part 1    Part 2    (I showed Part 2 in class-I hope to have enough time on Tuesday to go through Part 1.)
  2. Complete this short (open book) quiz and upload to Dropbox  QuizonTypographych6
  3. Tuesday critique- We are having a Peer critique on your Zine so far on Tuesday- please be ready to show your files and ideas to the class for feedback- if possible- either print or put a pdf of your draft on dropbox so we can all see it.
  4. Create  one poem from the project on page 108 of Chapter 6 – Typographical illustration of a poem. You can use any of the 3 Adobe software programs- just be creative! Due Thursday 9th 30 points.

These quick illustrator tutorials might help too.

Type on path

How to convert fonts to outlines you can manipulate

Homework #13- Indesign Tutorial Due Nov 2nd

Homework #13- Indesign Tutorial Due Nov 2nd

Complete these 2 Indesign tutorial chapters. You will learn how to be a pro at Styles and Masters- very helpful for applying to your Zine project. 

Any files that may be needed are found here: http://wiki.digital-foundations.net/index.php?title=Main_Page    (on the left hand side look at the chapters 13+ 14 for CS6 to find source files) 20 points

Reminder- Nov 2nd is a Face to Face class. This week you are working on your Zine in class, so you will have a lot of hands on help from me- on the 2nd I will need to see your work in progress drafts of the Zine so I can give you feedback on the design.

Homework #11 Due Oct 24th

Homework #11 Due Oct 24th

All the below is due at the latest by Oct 24th:


  1. Read Chapter 10 of the textbook- complete this multiple choice quiz and upload to Dropbox 14 points
  2. Read Chapter 7 of your textbook- this will explain what a Grid System is. You will use it in #4.
  3. Watch this PPT about Semiotics In the comments below, tell the class why you think Semiotics might be important for Logo Design. 5 Points
  4. Read this Indesign Chapter and take notes on all the important points that you want to remember. Here are my notes for the indesign tour I will do in class. Upload to Dropbox 10 points
  5. Watch my latest vid below, that helps you with #6. Feel free to follow along by downloading the files.
  6. Create a GRID based page layout in Indesign, that explains Semiotics in a cool way. It needs to touch on most of the main points in the PPT in #3. Here are grid samples you can use, or create your own as talked about in the Ch 7. Open or replicate them in Indesign using Guides. Insert a mix of type and image, hiding the actual grid lines at the end. (See 2 examples below.) Upload to Dropbox – 40 points


Indesign Tutorial from dana hargrove on Vimeo.


Homework #10 ch 4+5 Gestalt theory due Oct 10th

Homework #10 ch 4+5 Gestalt theory due Oct 10th
  • Read Chapter 4 and 5 of your textbook.
  • Complete exercise on page 86 see Fig 5-33 upload a pdf version of this AI file to Dropbox. 10 points
  • Find 2 logos that show good use of Gestalt and post the link below in the comments. To get your 10 points you must explain why and how the 2 logos use the gestalt theory. Relate it directly to the chapter 5
  • During critique of stage 3 on the 10th, you will also apply these principles to your logo design as part of your introduction.

Due Oct 10th. Total 20 point