Homework #15 Zines Layout due Oct 23rd

Homework #15 Zines Layout due Oct 23rd
  1. Watch this short video on Zines. We will discuss it on the 23rd.
  2. Read Chapter 7 of your Textbook- on Layout- in the comments below, tell me why you think using the Grid System, and one other suggestion from the textbook, might be useful when designing your Zine? 5 points
  3. Complete this easy 5 min InDesign text tutorial and notice how many more good ones there are here at Adobe for all their software!  Have some fun with this, then upload to Dropbox 10 points (Later on you will have to find a great tutorial to learn something new for the Zine Project) 


Homework #14 Ch 6 typography due Oct 18th

Homework #14 Ch 6 typography due Oct 18th

I’m starting to work towards getting you ready for the next Project now, which is the ZINE. You will work on this below on Online Thursday. This isn’t due until the 18th due to Fall Break (but remember your logo is due that day, and more homework is coming too, so I would upload before then!)

  1. Read Chapter 6 of your textbook.

  2. Complete this short (open book) quiz  (10 possible points) and upload to Dropbox  QuizonTypographych6

  3. Watch this 2 min video on Zines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbhFkceNpJY&noredirect=1 Think about what your subject matter for your own zine might be.

  4. Create one of the projects from page 108 of Chapter 6 – Typographical illustration of a poem (try text on a path, different sizes and colors of fonts), or the Book Cover (just do the cover of book, not spine or back). Use either Photoshop or Illustrator, or both, but be creative!  30 points.

    Examples of Typography Poems:





These quick illustrator reminders might help too.

Type on path

How to convert fonts to outlines you can manipulate


Homework #13 logo video due on 4th

Homework #13 logo video due on 4th

Watch this 17 minute video, on Thursday or before, from Lynda.com : https://www.lynda.com/Design-tutorials/Aaron-Draplin-Takes-Logo-Design-Challenge/186959-2.html?org=rollins.edu

Upload to Dropbox a 100 word response including what you found to be most helpful or inspirational and how it might apply to your own logo assignment. 10 points


Homework #9 Illustrator due Sept 27th

Homework #9  Illustrator  due Sept 27th

Back to working in Illustrator again, in prep for the beginning of the Logo Project that we begin on Tuesday.

  1. Read Chapter 3 OF YOUR TEXTBOOK
  2. Read this article- Logo
  3. Complete Textbook p55 project in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR- figure/ground  and letterforms- project using your initials to make an interesting design. Please use the Pathfinder* tips below (just 1 is needed- upload to Dropbox)
  4. Complete Textbook p70-71 Elephonts assignment in Adobe ILLUSTRATOR (do 2 animals) Examples on the gallery page!

Due Sept 27th worth 40 points


Make good use of the pathfinder window after converting your initials to paths, (also ungroup them).

If you have forgotten how to use pathfinder (it was in the Illustrator chapter you read -p73) or how to combine shapes look at this here

**VERY HELPFUL!**  : https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/combining-objects.html

Homework #6- Photoshop chapter due Sept 11th

Homework #6- Photoshop chapter due Sept 11th

Here is a link to a download of the Photoshop chapter.

Give this a read then go back through and take notes of all the new things you have learned for your future reference- just the same as you did for the Illustrator chapter.

Upload this reference sheet to Dropbox by Sept 11th 15 points.

Practice these techniques on the computer so you know how to use them.  We will do a few more tutorials and videos in Photoshop – especially covering the use of Masks and Layers which will be used for Project 2, but this reading gives you a great foundation.