Examples of presentation board final due next class Thurs Oct 18th

Here are a few examples of the logo presentation board finals due next class Thursday Oct 18th.  (please ignore what I said in person today, for some reason I thought we had class on Tuesday too but no we don’t! yay Fall Break! )

Remember this next Thursday is a presentation day, not an Online Thursday.

At this final stage you have to think about how your logo will reproduce both small and large and in color. Get rid of any superfluous marks that don’t add anything to your logo. Printed final of logo printed in black and white and color and in use on a product.
Final to be printed and presented on a presentation board that shows it in practical use, both large and small, in color and black and white. You also have to show your logo in use on a product that suits the company. You will have to sell your logo to the class and explain its concepts.”
Email with Qs if you have them.

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Project 1- video instruction -starting part 2

Project 1- video instruction -starting part 2

With Part 2 of Project 1 being due Sept 4th, I made the  5 min video below to teach you how to get your drawing into Illustrator to begin the line work with the Pen tool. Begin this only after completing homework 2+3!

Also, here are 2 student files for you to download and look at- check out the neat layers, precise pen tool lines, and how the stacking order works>examples

Also- here is Kelly’s finished design from the file in the video- very cool!

Assignment 1 from dana hargrove on Vimeo.